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Our Business Sectors

Oil & Gas

The key market segment of the Group is the oil & gas industry in Nigeria. The Group initially started with a focus on crude oil and petroleum products trading. As new opportunities became available to indigenous Nigerian companies, the Group made the strategic decision to invest in the exploration and production sector. As a result of the Group’s participation the in the E&P sector, the Group uncovered additional opportunities in the oil field services sector.

  • Exploration and Production

  • Oil Field Services

  • Trading


Equinox Group through a partnership with notable industry players is steadily increasing its stake in the general mineral mining industry in Nigeria while actively seeking strategic collaborators in other African countries.

With the 2016 government-backed policy framework of strategically growing mining into becoming Nigeria’s next oil, we poised for further growth and open strategic partnership in the sector.

Real Estate & Property Development

Equinox Realtors is the real estate management entity of the Equinox Group created to locate, acquire, and manage worldwide real estate.

Presently, Equinox Realtors has quality real estate in various locations on three continents with properties in prominent and exclusive areas of Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt, Equinox Realtors captures the interest of many people and companies seeking residential accommodations and office locations in Nigeria. Equinox Realtors extends its reach abroad as well to places such as Continental Europe, Sao Tome & Principe, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States of America.

Shipping & Logistics

Equinox Shipping, Logistics & Freight Limited is a specialist in international and all logistics activities. We have experience handling cargo for both export and import with an extensive network of associates/agents nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves as innovators in the West African market.

With our supply of tug boats, oil barges and supply vessels, Equinox Shipping, Logistics & Freight Limited is positioning to be the premier provider of unrivalled service on the West African coast.

New Business Opportunities and Joint Ventures

The Group’s management has decades of experience in establishing, growing, and building new companies in the Nigerian business sector. Although the Group’s focus is on the active sectors, we will venture into other industry sectors if we see opportunities that are of material impact to the Group.

Equinox is open to forming strategic partnerships where together with its partners can have mutually advantageous synergies. The Group offers tremendous experience of doing business in Nigeria and has real substance in all its operating activities. Currently, we have numerous successful partnerships and joint ventures where we contribute equity, assets and genuine collaboration towards a unified vision