With an international team of over 100 highly experienced professionals and management staff in our worldwide operations, we remain on the leading edge of the international marketplace through modern professional development. Equinox professionals are also sensitive to the interconnectivity of the global community and are continuously looking for strong joint venture partnerships to create experts in local business conditions, industries.


Modern times demand modern products. Whether providing clients with crude oil, state of the art equipment or housing accommodations, we aim to provide world-class products. Such quality is made possible due to the qualified, reliable and dedicated workforce at Equinox Group that ensures creative and innovative.


All goals and objectives are in reliable hands with Equinox Group. Our staff strives for professional efficiency in the workplace and maintains a keen understanding of the relationship between time and services. Dedication to client support is the foundation of all our services ranging from technical advice to logistical support.


To provide outstanding excellence in the quality of products and services, delivered by a highly skilled and motivated work force, while holding core values which always place our client’s interests first.

Our Focus

We focus on material opportunities that are capable of providing real growth to the Equinox Group. Our focus in Africa has already resulted in a number of opportunities and offers the prospect of significant further value creation. Our corporate focus defines who we are, what we do, the impact of our services on the environment and society at large, and the ultimate benefits accruing to our joint venture partners. Since we live in a world of increasing interconnectivity, Equinox Group is committed to connecting and integrating people, companies and governments to achieve a new meaning for business assimilation and mutual benefit.


The Equinox Group vision… Is to be the preferred, private West African company respected and trusted for superior people, products and services in each of our operating sectors.

We achieve this vision through:

  • qualified and reliable employees

  • world-class equipment and services

  • efficient use of time and resources

  • dedicated client support

  • commitment to global joint partnerships